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Why Metal

Tinplate – a steel base covered with tin – is an extensively versatile material and can be pressed into a variety of shapes.

The substrate offers a perfect medium for high quality and definition multi-colour printing – with the reflective surface providing an ideal metallic finish.

It is ideal for accepting sharp edged embossing and debossing to give brands an individual edge – with accurate registration of print to emboss.

Metal is Tactile – it “feels” good. A full colour printed, embossed lid focuses the consumers’ attention and adds purpose and quality to the tube contents brand identity.

Metal lids and ends add considerable strength to composite tube packs and in doing so helps to provide perfect protection for packed contents in store and in transit.

A highly decorated tube with metal lid and end is one of those pieces of packaging that have a “stand alone” identitiy. The consumer does not part easily with the pack and consequently the brand identity stays with the consumer long after the contents are used.

Sustaining a strong reputation...

Metal scrap is not waste – it is a resource!

Recycled metal packaging is used to feed the production cycle – significantly reducing energy use.

Metal is the most recycled packaging material in Europe.

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